Various Midwife Positions

We are presently seeking to recruit Midwife  for our client in Saudi Arabia.

Antenatal and Postnatal Ward – Midwife 1

Antenatal and Postnatal Ward – Midwife 1

Labour and Delivery – Midwife 1

Requirements for this Post :

  • UK registered Midwife
  • Previous UK experience is desirable

Job Specification

  • diagnosing, monitoring and examining women during pregnancy;
  • developing, assessing and evaluating individual programmes of care;
  • providing full antenatal care, including screening tests in the hospital, community and the home;
  • identifying high risk pregnancies and making referrals to doctors and other medical specialists;
  • arranging and providing parenting and health education for the woman, her partner and family members;
  • encouraging participation of family members in the birth to support the mother and enhance both mother/baby bonding and family relationships;
  • providing counselling and advice before and after screening;
  • offering support and advice following events such as miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, neonatal abnormality and neonatal death;
  • supervising and assisting mothers in labour, monitoring the condition of the foetus and using knowledge of drugs and pain management;
  • giving support and advice on the daily care of the baby, including breast feeding, bathing and making up feeds;
  • providing advice and guidance on a safe and timely transfer home;
  • liaising with agencies and other health and social care professionals to ensure continuity of care;
  • engaging in professional development to meet PREP (post-registration education and practice) requirements;
  • participating in the training and supervision of junior colleagues.

You will be eligible for accompanied/ unaccompanied status contract and will receive the following benefits:

  • Contract, one year and often renewable.
  • Air transport, economy class, from point-of-hire to Tabuk, KSA.
  • End of contract entitlements (Bonus) consisting of one half month salary for each year worked.
  • Ticketing, a return ticket to point-of-hire for vacation once a year.
  • Vacation, 40 days paid vacation per year (45 Days for Physician).
  • Housing, including utilities, appliances, linens, etc. provided.
  • Uniforms, provided.
  • Transportation, from hospital to housing and back and shopping trips provided.
  • Medical care and emergency dental care normally provided free at the hospital.
  • Access to subsidized meals in Hospital project cafeterias.
  • Emergency Leave, available.
  • Salary paid in local currency by end of each Gregorian month.
  • This income is Take Home pay since there are No Taxes in UAE.

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