Moving and Handling Level 1 – Aligned to UK CSTF & CPD Accredited

Moving and Handling Level 1 – Aligned to UK CSTF
The Moving and Handling Level 1 course – ‘CSTF Verified’ is designed to provide learners with the essential knowledge and understanding of the safe process of moving people to prevent injury to themselves and the person being moved, whilst also covering the legal requirements regarding the handling of people.

It is aimed at those who carry out manual handling activities at work and introduces learners to the hazards of manual handling, the risks involved and controls available and what to expect from a manual handling assessment.
Successful completion will prepare participants to look carefully at their own work activities and contribute to the development of safer methods and tasks, in co-operation with their managers and supervisors. The qualification is not intended to train participants to carry out manual handling assessments nor to provide detailed training on handling techniques, although the course can easliy be expanded to a full day in order to cover these topics.
Training objectives

On completing this course, participants will be able to:
• Explain what is meant by the term ‘manual handling’ and give examples
• Explain how manual handling can cause injury and give examples
• State the principles for controlling manual handling risks and apply these in a practical context
• Demonstrate a general understanding of the value and purpose of conducting a manual handing assessment and what employees can expect of such assessments.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the main provisions of the manual handling operations regulations.

Course outline

1 Manual handling – why worry?

• Manual handling injuries and the activities which cause them
• Breakdown of injury statistics and costs for manual handling
• Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
• Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 / 1999
• Manual Handling Regulations 1992

2 ‘What seems to be the problem?’

• The muscular / skeletal system explained
• Ergonomics, fitness and the spine
• Group exercise
• Practical exercises for the back

3 Risk assessment

• General principles
• The LITE method
• Employees’ duties
• Workplace scenarios
• Group exercise

4 The process of manual handling in the workplace

• The correct stance: demonstration and practical exercise
• Interactive techniques: video
• Support Information
• Aids
• Lifting techniques and equipment
• Introduction to MAC

• Recap quiz
• Open forum
• Questions and answers/review
• Close


This Moving and Handling Level 1 course is designed to be relevant to all levels of staff.
This course was designed with moving and handling specialist in health sector, CSTF Verified and meets the outcomes for this framework.

For face to face training session’s assessment – questions and answers, including short written test.

In this format, we recommend that the number of participants be limited to 15 in order to maximise the opportunity for interaction and facilitated discussion and to allow participants to explore practical examples relevant to their own situations.

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