HIV Awareness Training

Course Title: HIV Awareness Training


The basic HIV/AIDS awareness training programme ensures that all participants are equipped with a minimum level of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and skills to make informed decisions regarding their own sexual behaviour. In addition, the programme equips HIV positive participants with the knowledge and skills to live productive lives.



  • To increase awareness of HIV transmission
  • To raise awareness of the health impact of late HIV diagnosis
  • To raise awareness of the current treatments available for HIV infection


At the end of this training the delegates will:

  • have an understanding of  HIV and how it interacts with the immune system
  • learnt about the current reported rates of HIV infection
  • be able to identify risky sexual behaviours
  • identify ways in which they will be able to protect themselves and others from the HIV infection
  • gain a understanding of the importance of regular testing  for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and HIV
  • know the impact that late diagnosis of HIV can have on a person’s health and well-being
  • gain an understanding of how current treatments can work at suppressing HIV in the body
  • be able to dispel many of the myths that they may have heard about HIV
  • know where they will be able to get more information on HIV
  • know where they will be able to go to get an HIV test

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in finding out more about HIV

Training outcomes

After completing the training programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and explain the nature of HIV/AIDS
  • Describe transmission routes
  • Describe and explain practices which reduce and prevent risk of infection
  • Reflect on their own attitudes towards HIV/AIDS
  • Describe and analyse beliefs and attitudes toward HIV and AIDS in the workplace
  • Outline the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS

Venue: Dita Health & Social Care Consultancy Ltd in Tilbury, Essex

Duration: Half a Day 

Cost:  £40 per person

These courses can be delivered in the workplace or at a location of your choice.

Maximum No: 10

Certificate of Attendance





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