This course is aimed at care workers who are involved with clients who suffer from epilepsy. Candidates will gain knowledge on the main effects of epilepsy and the importance of supporting services users to take medication as directed by their doctor.

This course will also explore the different types of seizures and behaviour changes an individual may suffer from as a result of epilepsy.

Outline of Programme
• What Epilepsy is and how it is caused.
• How to recognise at least three types of seizure and how they present
• Know how to safely care for someone having a seizure
• What documentation is required following a seizure
• What are emergency medications for epilepsy?
• Use for epilepsy and other conditions
• Indications for use
• Routes of delivery
• Benefits
• Practical demonstration / DVD
• Possible difficulties
• Consequence of too much medication
• Action if ineffective
• Risk assessments
• Individual care plan
• Storage and disposal
• Duty of care
• Legal responsibilities
• Local policies
• Privacy and dignity

These courses can be delivered in the workplace or at a location of your choice.

The cost of this training will be £350.00 excluding VAT, travel cost & accommodation

Length of training
One day (10.00am – 4.00pm)

Course group size

10 Participants Maximum (special consideration for 15 participants)

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