Job Summary
Responsible for providing anaesthetic services in areas in the hospital designated for the administration of anaesthesia. He or She may be actively engaged in the management of patients in the Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Burns Unit, or Emergency Room.

Graduate from an accredited medical school
Successful completion of a residency training program in an institution recognised by the SAUDI Council for Health Specialities.
Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetics in England or Ireland, Board Certification by The American Board of Anaesthesiology, MD, or equivalent.

Professional Experience: (Essential)
Three (3) years post-obtaining higher post-graduate qualification
Experience in teaching and supervising trainee anaesthetists
Published research work
Sub-speciality skills such as providing anaesthesia for open hear surgery and neonatal surgery are desirable but not essential.

Specialised Knowledge
Must be adaptable and willing to gain through understanding of the customs and cultural environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Must be able to communicate clearly
To be able to work effectively in a team
Committed to work within hospital policies
Honest, reliable and punctual
Physically fit for the duties of the post.

Tax-Free income
Married-Status contract
Accommodations provided
Relocation Allowance
Education Allowance for eligible dependents
Free flights home
Generous vacations

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